Abalaka H.O

Sam Amaga Foundation Scholarship was unexpected and has helped me a lot financially, I have been transformed as I have an improved education more than I could ever imagine. I have improved beyond what I was before I became a Global Leader.

I rate my transformation as very good and I am now poised to impact my generation greatly. I am so grateful for this great opportunity, may God continue to bless this Foundation for their love, immense care and consistency of blessed partners in partnering with this great vision. God has used you to put an endless smile on my face. You have read some stories of graduates and current beneficiaries of the Sam Amaga Foundation through the Salem Care & Compassion scholarship department.

We present to you some of the orphans we are trusting God to train in 2014/15 session: the heart beat of Archbishop Sam Amaga is 1000 orphans and that is why we call it Project 1000 Orphans; since the pages cannot take the 1000 stories, we have brought out a few. Arise oh partners and let God use you to train these orphans.

  • Whenever you become sensitive to the care for the poor and particularly for the widows and orphans, God becomes sensitive to your own heart cry.
    Proverbs 19:17

    Dr. Sam Amaga

Happy Orphans

Enjoying Education

Together as a Family